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    The Rules, Obey!


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    The Rules, Obey!

    Post by leon_drako on Tue Jun 08, 2010 5:57 am

    Regarding the templates -
    Just go to the right section of the registration forum. Click templates and click character registration, then copy the character sheet down then go to the character registration section, make a new topic titled with your characters name, and post.

    Note on Double Posting: Double Posting is allowed but only in the Art section, Story Section, and Roleplay Section. Edit: Double Posting may be allowed in the advertisement thread. Only of the topic you have made.

    SPAM is not allowed.
    SPAM are posts with little relevance to a thread. Members are not allowed to create posts that are devoid of content or invaluable text.

    Everybody is to respect other people.
    Do not flame, bash or insult other people. If someone acts uncivil, or harasses/intimidates you, you are not given the excuse to act the same in retaliation. Language in the forum must not be offensive to others - words such as "gay" when used in a derogatory manner must not be used. Do not press upon other members' religious beliefs.

    Pornographic images must not be submitted anywhere on Project Pokemon
    In no portion of the community can an image or link to a pornography site be submitted. Doing such is heavily disregarded - posting such will lead to an immediate and indefinite ban, regardless of a member's forum status.

    User Profiles

    No inappropriate images.
    That means showing a man or womans 'parts'. Basically like pornography, but only in a profile pic. ITS NOT ALLOWED

    Do not give out any personal information.
    Giving out information such as your full name, your address or telephone number can be very dangerous online. Be cautious when sharing information.

    Signature Rules

    YouTube videos may not be embedded in signatures.
    you may however, put it in the signature, THE LINK of the video. Put this.
    Youtube Video: ETC.

    Other than that, The sig can have any pic you want, no pornography or inappropriate pictures.

    Limit the use of foul language
    Try not to evade the swear filter too much as well

    Don't post multiple times in a row
    There are a few special cases where this is allowed.

    Stay on topic within threads
    If you want to talk about something completely different, make a new thread or use the search button to find the right one.

    Don't troll or flame users. Be respectful.
    Includes the use of language that's racial, religious, rude, sexually explicit, insulting, threatening, abusive, hateful, ethnic, or just a general intent to annoy others.

    Don't minimod
    This means posting simply to say something along the lines of "This should be closed." or "UserA, you spammed."

    Don't make/use multiple accounts.
    If you make a new account, you must tell an Admin so we can transfer over active sig strikes or infractions. If you're found with multiple accounts without the transfer, you'll get an infraction/ban. *Only for events may multiple accounts be used*

    Don't evade bans or let a banned member use your account
    Results in more bans/permaban/IP ban

    No Offensive Content
    This can include text, images, or whatever. You may NEVER bypass the censor in your signature, in part or in whole; it must be completely starred out if you use a censored word. You also may not have any images that use censored words in them, or any other offensive types of images. You also may not insult any person or group of people, or falsely quote someone. If it is something that they actually said on the forums (or elsewhere), you are free to quote them.

    Give credit for images used.
    Unless you made every single part of an image yourself, it is an official image (such as a sprite directly from the games), or the artist has explicitly stated no credit is needed, you MUST give credit to where you found an image. You need to either give the artist's name or the site you found it, but search engines like Google and Photobucket are not acceptable as credit sources.

    Concerns about Bans:
    Just a fair warning, if you are caught having more than 1 account to avoid a ban, you will automatically get booted IP Ban

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