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    Post by Roukostu on Sun Jun 27, 2010 5:54 pm

    The Varia are the Vongola Family's elite, independent assassination team. They are composed of genius assassins who work in the deepest recesses of the Mafia. Each member takes on missions that are said to be impossible to accomplish by humans; however, they do not accept a mission unless they believe there is a 90% chance of success. Those that see them work often say that their high level assassination skills are demonic.

    Lucifer - Pride - Superbia:
    Mammon - Greed - Avarizia:
    Asmodeus - Lust - Lussuria:
    Leviathan - Envy - Invidia:
    Beelzebub - Gluttony - Gola:
    Satan - Wrath - Ira:
    Belphegor - Sloth - Accidia:

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