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    Post by Roukostu on Sun Jun 27, 2010 5:49 pm

    The Arcobaleno ("Rainbow" in Italian) is a group made up of the seven strongest infants, who each possess a pacifier that represent the different colors of the rainbow, with each color corresponding with their Dying Will Flame. Their Pacifiers will glow when a member is near another Arcobaleno. The Arcobaleno were transformed from adults into their infant and current forms; each of them has their unique own "curse" and specific abilities, as well as the ability to emit the Dying Will Flame throughout their entire body. They are mentioned to have sacrificed themselves in order to protect the Tri-Ni-Set (7³), or "ultimate power". The Arcobaleno are also mentioned to be "walking out of time" meaning that they cannot age or die due to old age.

    Like stated before each Arcobaleno have pacifiers, each of a different color depending on the color is also depending on what desperation flame they have, for each element corresponds with the color of the dying will flame.

    Pacifiers and weilders:
    Sky-Orange: Sora
    Storm-Red: Tezca

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