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    Villa Sette Fiore {Varia Mansion : Open}


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    Villa Sette Fiore {Varia Mansion : Open}

    Post by leon_drako on Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:48 pm

    Villa Sette Fiore

    Found somewhere in the most isolated areas of Lucca that's almost imposible for the living to reach is the Varia Mansion hidden within a small oasis, it's called Villa Sette Fiore, or the Seven Flower Mansion.

    It's a mansion with seven flower gardens, but they are no ordinary flowers, as what would appear normal is something not of a Varia trait, what they have are poisonous flowers which could fool anyone.

    The first garden has flowers named Securigera Varia, its mainly popularized cause of its name having Varia on it. the other 6 gardens that surround the garden composes of the following flowers, Belladonna, Duranta erecta, Angel's Trumpet, Digitalis, Consolida and the Lantana.

    No battles inside or out of mansion
    Dont step on the grass
    stay on character

    Viva la Varia

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