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    Trapnest Reira


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    Trapnest Reira

    Post by leon_drako on Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:15 pm

    Reira wrote:

    Name: Trapnest Reira
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female


    Reira has short dark hair with a pale complexion. She stands about five feet and six inches tall and would mostly think that she's too short for age. When it comes to looks, she's would be part of the slightly beautiful half, but she'd think otherwise. She's mostly seen wearing dark clothes, may it be leather or jeans, something was always black.

    She likes to accessorize with silver chains skulls and leather belts, bracelet collars. The way she dresses could be categorized to that of a hard core metal band.

    Reira likes wearing thick make up and dark manicure, some say that angels would cry if the day she's not seen with one would ever come.

    Reira has 4 tattoos, on her back was a spider, a black widow with its legs stretched out reaching out to her ribs, on it was a number in the color of red. the number is 88.

    Another tattoo is found on her upper left arm, a symbolic yin yan with four rays like a sun. On the left side of her neck was a name that says 'charlie' and the last of it was a red flower blooming found on her upper right arm.

    From the her outer appearance, no visible scars could be found, not unless you look beyond what you seek. Across her chess, a big scar could be found, a scar making an ex from her shoulders stretching out onto the lower pelvis on both ends. The origin of her only scar is yet to be known.


    Riera is someone who would always like a good fun. Her favorite hobbies are teasing her friends and stealing the spot light. Reira is nice to tag along with just as long as you don't cross her. She's very impatient and has an anger management problem, but mostly her everyday problems are somewhat shallow.

    She's short tempered most times but could be patient when necessary.

    If there was anything she would give her life for... It would be to have a normal life. With a family she loves and care for, have arguments, laugh at jokes, go to school... but given her current predicament, what seemed to be the easiest of dreams came a to be test of destiny...

    Vengeance... She lived a life full of hatred from those who took everything from her. If there was anything she would never forget from the day of the fire back when she was 8 on the 88th street, it was the name Charlie which she carried upon her self as a burden for all of her life.

    In a sea of dead people, bodies were piled up everywhere with the flames roaring there way throughout her home town. Amongst those 300 who have died, 5 of them were her only reason to live. Her mother, her father, two sisters and an older brother. It would've been less painful if they have died on the fire, but in her case, in her families case, nothing was pure coincidence. The fire was a facade on a far greater conspiracy about a certain missing book. A book that has been passed on from on generation to the next, one of which that there family held.

    It would've been nice if she had died that day, after all she was killed together with them, but with deep cuts across her chest she kept on breathing seeing the face of a demon in front of her, the one behind it all, a man named charlie.

    Escaping the truth of the events from her past, it was either trauma or pure denial, she had forgotten what had happened except for the very name of the man to whom she may never forget. The rest were just strings of endless numbers ending up at the sum of 88 every single time.

    As early as a week after the incident, she had found ways to teach her self how to fight, to live on her own strength and ability. She was angry at the world that she had to become the demon her self. Driven by uncontrollable anger, fueled by blood, she started searching for answers. But even up to the point in where her name had almost became one of the most feared assassins in the world, she had yet to come across the man named charlie.

    It came to the point where it didn't matter to her as much as it did when she was younger, for when she grew older, she had learned not to dwell on the past, but on the future to come. It even reached to the extent on where she was able to smile and laugh again. But it doesn't change the fact that she was living a lie. Cause which ever side of her self she shows now, she will never truly be who she was.

    Reira wrote:
    Family Information:

    Family Name: Varia

    Family Boss: {position empty}

    Family Members: Reira

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