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    Signatures here and there


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    Signatures here and there

    Post by Reira on Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:11 pm

    Old and new combined, go figure HAHA


    Kira god of the new world - i made this for a religious themed SOTW

    Ghost Rider Animated Signature - Made it for the heck of it.

    L signature made for a free style themed SOTW

    Ryu Signature just for the heck of it

    Spring signature with random anime girl for a Spring themed SOTW

    Moosic Signature for a moosic themed SOTW

    Heres a forgotten section of sigs i made for my ex

    First sig he asked me to make i think

    Richter sig - this took like so long to make, haha, and it turned out so bad too @.@ but he liked it so yay XD

    Neku signature - meh, i think he liked this the most

    I <3 Neko

    Then the irregular Soul Eater evans signature

    Back to randomness @.@
    For a a cowboybebob SOTW

    Random spurs

    2nd part


    Sprite sig i made for STOW somewhere

    Another shana sig

    My CC signature, i made a Zero one for my ex too ><

    I even made him a matching AV, that jerk, lol, dun worry bout me, im okay. I actually insisted making the sig , but was kinda forced to add an AV

    One of my favorite works

    Akito/agito signature, never used it though

    One i made for a futuristic themed SOTW

    Mashiro sig, i happen to like this very much, but it doesn't appeal much at all

    My other Kallen siggy

    Darker than black signature

    and when animated

    Star Ocean Sig

    FFVII -Reno Signature

    Starcraft Signature, something space STOW

    Another one for my EX, this time its Black Cat

    Heres something for a water themed SOTW (Its vertical)

    For a winter SOTW

    Signature request of Zero

    3rd part

    Portgas D. Ace Signature

    Smexxy Espada Grimmjow ><

    Hitman Reborn Signatures

    Dino <3

    Lavi Signature (D. Gray Man)

    Mini Icons i made for my site

    Banners i made for my site

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