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    Maximus Tilar Ravenkroft







    Standing just over seven feet tall this man not only embodies the aura of an unstoppable force, but also happens to be quite scary at first glance. He has various scars encircling his arms from various knife fights he had gotten into back in Russia. However that is not all, he is quite muscular and well toned always keeping his hair and body clean. Other than this there is not much to say about his own physical appearance other than the fact that he carries two huge guns on his hips that are used as a deterrent against criminals that he may encounter in

    For his clothing he wears a light brown trench-coat that can easily conceal his guns as well as a matching pair of pants. For a shirt he wears a long sleeved black turtleneck and underneath that a white tank-top.


    Everything about this mans life is shrouded in mystery up until his twenty-first birthday. After this the man suddenly appeared in governmental records that had previously had no mention of him, both in Russia and his new residence within Japan.

    He quickly joined up with law enforcement and spent a few years in officer training before slowly making his way up to the rank of Superintendent where he was given control of a Police station and a lot of paperwork and such. Although he did now have a high rank this mattered little for he could be found patrolling for the most part keeping the peace and was seemingly quite dedicated towards his job.

    Things came and went and on his twenty-seventh birthday he managed to achieve the rank of Superintendent Supervisor. This came from his great dedication to the force and the fact that he had an amazing record for both field and office work.

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