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    Christal's Weapon

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    Christal's Weapon

    Post by Roukostu on Thu Jun 10, 2010 11:44 pm

    Name of Weapon: Water Whip
    Appearance of Weapon: the blades are made of sharp water.
    Type of Weapon: water
    Close Range or Far Range: far and medium range
    Ability of Weapon: cuts whatever is in the user's way, it can even cut through steel.
    Anything about the weapon that makes it special? Like creating gusts of wind that normally wouldn't be caused by the sword?: it can cut through steel, and creates a wave of water.
    Type of flame: blue
    Does your sword have a flame with it? What would that flame be?:yes, Rain
    Advantages: it's light so she can carry it easily, while using fast movements, making it seem like she's not even there.
    What is it strongest against? Fire
    Disadvantages: If it doesn't hit the enemy, they can easily attack her after words, it leaves her back, and sides open.
    What is it weakest against? Lightning
    Requirements:any. It's Christal's main weapon.
    What is the situation that calls for the weapon to be able to be used? *Only if applicable*

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