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    Kyo's Weapons

    Kyo Hikari

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    Kyo's Weapons

    Post by Kyo Hikari on Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:57 pm

    Name of Weapon: Sufletul dracusor
    Appearance of Weapon: A European sword that radiates with Kyo's flame.
    Type of Weapon:Close range and far range.
    Ability of Weapon: Storm Flames are able to be shot out of the sword, and a concentrated beam of Storm Flames can be shot if the Ziel Schnider is pointed at a target.
    Type of flame: Storm
    Advantages: It is strongest against close range enemies.
    Disadvantages: It is challenging to hit quick far distanced enemies. Zero Point Breakthrough drastically weakens the sword.
    Requirements: Any combat situation, since it is Kyo's primary weapon.

    Name of Weapon: Furtuna flacara alchimie
    Appearance of Weapon:
    A pair of white gloves with this symbol printed on the forehand of each individual glove.

    Type of Weapon: close and far range.
    Ability of Weapon: These gloves allow Kyo to manipulate his flames freely of his own will. He tends to use them in multiple situations. Little is known of the true extent of the power these gloves possess.
    Type of flame: Storm
    Advantages: They can be used in any situation.
    Disadvantages: Zero Point Breakthrough renders Kyo defenseless.
    Requirements: none

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