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    Kyo "Victor" Hikari

    Kyo Hikari

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    Kyo "Victor" Hikari

    Post by Kyo Hikari on Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:19 pm

    Name: Kyo "Victor" Hikari
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    By vjones60
    Kyo's eyes are red with vertical slits instead of pupils.
    Back tattoo & back design:

    By HotaruArichi93
    Story: Kyo was originally born in Namimori, but his Aunt and Uncle took him to live in Transylvania until he reached the legal age to live on his own. While he lived in Transylvania, Kyo received the nickname Victor. He was raised to have great awareness of his power over the Storm Flame as well, and he was forced to use his power to survive in such a supernatural land. Many feared that he might be the dark prince incarnate, but he had no aspects of being a vampire. Regardless, his Storm Flame was believed to be a "Dark Power" in the countryside. Kyo merely ignored their propaganda, and hunted his usual prey. At some point, he discovered that he could strengthen a weapon with his flame and add further damage to his enemies. By age 15, Kyo was one of the best assassins in all of Romania. At age 17, Kyo started research on boxes and "Devil Forging". However, Kyo's research came to great failure because he did not have enough skill to create a ring and box strong enough to withstand his flame. On his 18th Birthday, Kyo's relatives told him of a mafia family that specialized in using flames just as powerful as his. Feeling determined, Kyo decided that he would find the head of the strongest mafia family in existance. Ironically, he was informed that the next head of the Drako family lived in his birthplace of Namimori, Japan. When he learned of this information, he bid farewell to his people, and traveled back to Japan to find the 10th head of the Drako Family.

    Family Information:
    Family Name: Draco
    Family Boss: Leon Draco
    Family Members: Leon Drako, Christal Yumiko Wolffang, Kyo "Victor" Hikari

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