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    Storm Arcobelano Tezca Boyd

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    Storm Arcobelano Tezca Boyd

    Post by cool beans on Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:55 pm

    Name: Tezca Boyd

    Age: 32

    Character Description:

    A blonde haired, chain smoking suited baby, around the same height as the other arcobealno, he has an air of confidence and wisdom about him

    Character History: Before he became an arcobelano he was regarded as one of the most deadly assasins in the world, working for the Hart family. As one of the 7 arcobelano, he now holds the storm pacifier however even in his baby form he is just as formidable in his younger days. Still working for the Drako family's 9th generation boss, recently he has been given orders to act a tutor for the 10th generation candidate

    Weapon speciality: Twin pistols and martial arts

    Flame: Storm


    A purple tinted cat that wears a unique hat that almost works like a box. It is much larger on the inside than on the outside and holds Tezca's weapons as well as produces items much like leon in the main series

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