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    Manga Chapter Latest Release: Target 292 - "Consultation"


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    Manga Chapter Latest Release: Target 292 - "Consultation"

    Post by leon_drako on Tue Jun 08, 2010 6:11 am

    SUMMARY:After Tsuna met the Ninth, Emna stayed at his house because he was the one who was set to be on guard duty. Tsuna then consulted with him about his conversation with the Ninth. He asked why Tsuna was telling him this and Tsuna replied that it was because he didn't have anyone that he can talk to about the mafia. When Tsuna said that they are alike, he said not to put him in the same category because his family has dealt with a lot of crap from other mafia families because they were a weak and small family. But, Enma also said there are times when he feels he could be friends with him because Tsuna is different from other scary mafia. Hearing this, Tsuna said that he already consider Enma as a friend even without a ceremony, he really thinks it's great that they could meet each other. Before Enma could say something, Nana called them to take a bath. Enma then immediately called Adelheid and said he really thinks Tsuna is not a bad guy. Adelheid then told him to test him by himself, but reminded him not to forget the "sin" of Vongola. Enma then wrote a letter for Tsuna that he was being threatened by the same Mafia group who took down the Giegue Family and is trying to interfere with the Vongola Inheritance Ceremony. And he plan to go to the factory side they told him at noon and want his help. He then awoke at night and left the letter on Tsuna's desk and went to the factory. The next morning, he is seen waiting at the factory alone.

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